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be to agree on a universally-accepted definition forterrorism because, without a consensus on the meaning of the term, effectivelyaddressing its causes and its effects may be difficult at best and impossibleat worst. It was considered to be an instrument of governance institutedto intimidate counter-revolutionaries, dissidents and subversives and wasassociated with the ideals of democracy and virtue. Historical Roots of Terrorism, colin Gray writes thatterrorism is as old as strategic e roots of terrorism can be traced back in time to ancient Greece, andterrorist acts have occurred throughout history since that time. Revolutionary terrorism attempts to completely change the politicalsystem within a state; sub-revolutionary terrorism attempts to effect changewithout totally replacing the existing political system. Terrorism is politically motivated violence perpetrated againstnon-combatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usuallyintended to influence an audience. Washington, DC: GovernmentPrinting Office, 1975. An important objective of terrorism is to obtain maximumpublicity. Terrorism at thestart of the twentieth century retained the revolutionary connotations it hadacquired during the French Revolution as it took aim on the Ottoman andHabsburg Empires. With thishistorical foundation, particularly the description of the evolution ofterrorism into its current form, the focus now shifts to possible solutions todealing with the issue today.

(n.d.) Availablefrom: Charles Townshend, Terrorism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford: OxfordUniversity Press, 2002). Despite how inhumane it is to behead another human being, these terrorists organizations see this as an opportunity to gain political leverage. Cited in Thackrah (2004). Today, terrorism involves broader, lessdistinct e right-wing and left-wing terrorism that became widespread in recent times includedacts by diverse groups such as the Italian Red Brigades; the Irish RepublicanArmy; the Palestine Liberation Organisation; the Shining Path in Peru; theLiberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Sri.

International Terrorism inthe Contemporary World. Whittaker distinguishes between terrorists, guerrillas, and freedom fighters inwriting: the terrorist targets civilians; the guerrilla goes for militarypersonnel and facilities; and the freedom fighter conducts a campaign toliberate his people from dictatorial oppression, gross disarmament, or the gripof an occupying power. One author includedover one hundred definitions for the term terrorism.Another"d over ninety definitions and e definitions range from those that are quite simplistic to those that areequally comprehensive. Inside Terrorism.New York: Columbia University Press, 1998. TerrorismResearch Center, What is the Definition of Terrorism? PoliticalOrganization Approach to Transnational Terrorism. Gaithersburg, Maryland: InternationalAssociation of Chiefs of Police, 1978. The term terrorism began to take on signs of political assassinations, and the concept of terror implied the repressive actions of the state. One these Palestinian groups is Hamas. Secondly, the goals of terrorism then and now were and are tocreate a new, better t, terrorism today has changed in some very fundamental ways: (1) terroristorganisations have evolved into network forms and are less often organised inhierarchies; (2) the identities of transnational terrorist organisations.

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