essay on rights of women in islam

A person cannot point out anything wrong and blame others religion just because of his own confusion. It follows that the rights owned to the wife are unnegotiable, whereas the husband has to give up certain rights. Adding to it, women used to work at different legal positions from the start of Islam. Women and Gender in Islam.

He is best perceived by European as a filter distinguishing religious traditionalism and patriarchal as a key assertion of equality between the sexes. Therefore Islam is not only complete code of life for men it is also complete code of life for women. Those who are claiming themselves the leaders and providers of women rights in todays world were in fact the real usurper of women rights from centuries. The origin of the veil wearing came from the prophet Mohamed wife. According to the article, The Quran protects womens rights by Khalida Tanveer Syed, According to the Islamic law, men and women are equal. Verse 19 starts the discussion on inheritance and says that if any woman has any act of lewdness, her inheritance must be cut off. This is often misunderstanding that when in all the matters, men and women are equals then why it is mentioned in the holy book of muslim that man is one degree higher than woman in strength. Muhammad came to believe that this lord was Allah, and he went on to teach others that Allah was the one true God.

So often instead of fulfilling this true right of wife they give diverse or beat their wives for forcefully living with their family like a servant which is completely against Islamic teachings. In actuality, these allegations are incorrect. The rights of muslim women. Works Cited, ahmed, Leila. Allah almighty knows all strength and weaknesses of his creatures. Islam gave right to women in the truss critical thinking essay inheritance. 19-39 is an important passage because it is the groundwork for marriage and womens rights in the marriage.

Essay on rights of women in islam
essay on rights of women in islam

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