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nice place. Although he had appeared before in many films, as an extra, a stuntman and then an actor in B films, this was. Consider this extraordinary stunt: An Apache leaps from his own horse onto the stagecoach team, straddling the lead horses. He was a dictator, and in that vastness his word was law. But now came his years of triumph.

This film has the. On Film / Essays May 27, 2010. The result would be Stagecoach, Ford s f irst western since the silent days, and his separation from the genre seemed. Ndy Devine s recognizable, high-pitched, cracking voice acquaints viewers to s everal of the stagecoach passengers, as well as providing a steady source.

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Dallas?" One is reminded. As if to extend his hypocrisy to a wider sphere, the bankers wife is seen as head of the ladies league who forces the poor goodhearted prostitute (Claire Trevor) to leave town. With Ford's clout as a director and Wayne's clout as a star, they would make iconic films and establish themselves as one of the legendary partnerships in cinema. That's because it influenced countless later movies in which a mixed bag of characters are thrown together by chance and forced to survive an ordeal. We see here Wayne's extraordinary physical grace and capacity for tenderness, and understand why Ford later cast him as "The Quiet Man.". All of the characters change, that is, except for one banker Gatewood who remains as obnoxious, hypocritical, and self-serving at the end of his journey as he was at the beginning. . please note: The screengrabs in this post are not from the Criterion Blu-ray edition, but from the single-disc DVD edition released by Warner Brothers in 1997. She longs for her husband, she too is arrogant to some degree, and she is despised of things subordinate to her nature. He is immediately introduced as a hypocrite, pontificating to the men who bring a 50,000 payroll deposit to his bank about the benefits of savings while he prepares to embezzle that same deposit.

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