pakistan is our dear homeland essay

was much happiness. It has come a long way since then. Hopes were tied with Nawaz Sharif.

Ali bin Mushtaq, student - 16 years. Hence this was the short essay on Pakistan my beloved country or you can also read this essay as Pakistan my dear homeland essay. People met with sincere feelings and came to each others help when needed. In any case, all the people who were interviewed, irrespective of age, were unanimous in their view that Pakistan was experiencing major difficulties which have to be addressed and if remedial action was not taken very soon it could harm the integrity of the country. So far he has proven to be a disappointment.

I am proud of my rich heritage and I am determined to add to the golden traditions of our past. Keep on reading by scrolling this page for reading out Pakistan my dear homeland essay. No Downloads, no notes for slide. In addition, Habib Bank, which had shifted its headquarters from Mumbai to Karachi, also loaned. The reasons for the creation of Pakistan are crystal clear. People were generally happy. From a jhuggi (hut) we moved to a proper house located in what was then called Lalu Khet. The Eskimo loves his country in spite of its cold weather. So far it is Divine intervention that has kept the country intact. It took over a million Muslim lives to create the homeland for the Muslims.

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