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the structure of a word and develops vocabulary with the help of index cards, sound cards, and vocabulary section of the notebook. Even though Fundations includes some strategies of comprehension, it must be united with the main literature-based program of the language arts for a comprehensive and integrated approach to spelling and reading. Teachers choose certain words to teach considering the needs of the students in their classroom. It is used as a prevention program to assist to reduce spelling and reading mistakes. It is integral.

Their main goal is to avert the domino effect of kids developing weaknesses in foundational skills that overtime lead to the deficits in higher level reading skills like the understanding of a difficult text. To help implement the mtss model, the monitoring of progress is included into Fundations allowing students, who require a more intense program, to be noticed before going through years of fight. Wilson Fundations for K-3 is the phonemic/phonological awareness, spelling and phonics program for the classroom of general education. Trick words using gel boards, skywriting, notebooks, flashcards, and composition books. Lesson Length, one full lesson consists of all 3 Blocks of instruction (20-30 minutes to complete each Block minimum of two complete lessons per week. Listening comprehension with age-appropriate narrative and informational text. For students who will be entering Fundations Level K in kindergarten, the. Phonetic concepts are continually reinforced and practiced in new and engaging ways.