engines of growth essays in swedish economic history

capitalist economies. Geneva: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, 1954. By the 1970s, however, the Swedish income level was more than three times higher than the global average and among the highest in Europe. Awarded the lusem Blog Prize 2014/2015. A new development block was created around this innovation that combined engineering skills in companies such as asea (later ABB) with a large demand in energy-intensive processes and with the large supply of hydropower in Sweden.4 Financing the rapid development of this large block engaged. Railroads and Rural Industrialization: Evidence from a Historical Policy Experiment (under review). A drawback of the solidaristic wage policy from an egalitarian point of view was that profits soared in the productive sectors since wage increases were held back. (2018) Adopting a New Technology: Potatoes and Population Growth in the Periphery (forthcoming, Economic History Review berger,. (2016) Regional Technological Dynamism and Noncompete Clauses: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Journal of Urban Economics. Within a few decades Swedish merchants, as well as Norwegian, German, British and Dutch merchants, became saw mill owners running large-scale capitalist enterprises at the fringe of the European civilization.

Supervisors: Kerstin Enflo (Lund University Martin Henning (University of Gothenburg Lennart Schön (Lund University). As long as the export sectors grew, the program worked well.8 Companies founded in the late nineteenth century and in the interwar period developed into successful multinationals in engineering with machinery, auto industries and shipbuilding, as well as in resource-based industries of steel and paper.

Investments and foreign trade became very dynamic ingredients with the onset of industrialization. Catching Up, Forging Ahead and Falling Behind. Traditionally, popular literacy had been upheld by the church, mainly devoted to knowledge of the primary Lutheran texts. Table 5 Annual Increase in Real Wages of Unskilled Labor and Annual GDP Growth per Capita, Country Annual real wage increase, Annual GDP growth per capita, Sweden.8.7 Denmark and Norway.6.3 France, Germany and Great Britain.1.2 United States.1.6. Scandinavian Economic History Review 36 (1988 3-14. Against that backdrop, my dissertation analyzes regional and urban growth patterns during Swedens remarkable economic transformation during the half century leading up to the Great War. Trade of agricultural goods was liberalized, reducing transaction costs and integrating the domestic market even further. Innovation, Inventors, and the Impoverished Sophisticate w David Andersson and Erik Prawitz). Although growth was slow, a number of structural and institutional changes occurred that paved the way for future modernization. Up to the 1970s per capita growth rates increased for each successive period. Table 1 Annual Economic Growth Rates per Capita in Industrial Nations and the World Economy. Regional Science and Urban Economics.