ofws our unsung heroes essay

infusing the nation's coffers with more than 30 billion dollars of legal remittances annually, not including the. Not ) but to celebrate their spirit, their willingness and sacrifice to suffer separation from family and loved ones, just so they can dream and hope again, and walk with dignity in their lives. The numbers tell a sad story, as sad as the stories of overseas Filipinos who long to be with their loved ones instead of toiling in distant lands. And yet, the unemployment statistics in the country are stark and telling.

Planas said many of OFWs were actually unsung heroes who, in the course of working abroad, have aided and rescued victims of calamities and disasters, with some even losing their own lives while trying to save others. Home Global Filipino, manila, Philippines Malacanang on Friday paid tribute to Filipino migrant workers for their contribution in helping keep the economy afloat despite the global recession.

Ofws our unsung heroes essay
ofws our unsung heroes essay

While some of these needs are already addressed and the corresponding policies are already established in top destinations such as Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and Italy, among others, the same cannot be said of countries with a budding Filipino population. For millions of OFWs, the dreams became realities: life infused with dignity and heretofore unimaginable comforts, essentials, and accoutrements of life: a condo, a car, taxi, jeepney, or tricycle, boondock houses upgraded with cement walls, the education of a sibling or two, better food. Here are just some few of them:. Sadly, many among us have resigned to the horrifying likelihood that the change we dream of and long for. This on-going exodus translates into 30 billion plus dollars in remittancesin the minds of many, billions that shore up the economy to the great delight and undeserved hubris of government that buoys up the industry of condominiums and demands of consumerism, together with trickle-down contributions. Given Dutertes orders that directly impact OFWs and with Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jrs statement calling the Filipino overseas workers as the countrys economic heroes, shouldnt it be high time that the government reciprocate the contributions of Filipino migrant workers in more tangible ways? The exodus continues to swell, a desperate diaspora of the masa, millions seeking that greener pasturesomeplace, somewhere, anywherethat can restore some dignity into their lives, some hope in a future. No OFW left with the hero purpose in mind. Nonetheless, being an OFW is not an easy task, aside from the hardships in their daily job, being far with their family can be the biggest challenge for them but because of their passion and courage to provide a great life for their family. It will inspire them and make them feel proud of their chosen profession. OFWs, oFWs play an important role in our local economy as their remittances contributes big effect on our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) providing more spending and investment in our country.

ofws our unsung heroes essay

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