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warrant can be of different kinds, depending on the discipline and the topic for example: (1) we need to understand a particular social phenomenon, process or practice better (because) (2) we dont know enough about a natural phenomenon or manufactured process or practice. Another interesting point is made by DiGiano Baecker 55: "The computer industry is moving towards smaller, more portable computers with displays limited by current technology to fewer colours, less pixels, and slower update rates". The aim of this research is to broaden this and make everyday interactions with computers use the auditory modality as well as the visual. The analysis technique is used to find where to add sound and then the earcon guidelines are used to create the sounds needed. My previous tip on how to write the introduction explained the importance of and provided an example of how to write a good hook. Parallel earcons are shown to be an effective means of increasing the presentation rates of audio messages without compromising recognition. A simple way to do this is by applying the 5Ws and 1H technical writing approach. This is also the case in eyes-free' interfaces. An informal analysis technique was designed to investigate interactions to identify situations where hidden information existed and where non-speech sound could be used to overcome the associated problems.

Some musical properties map easily into sound (high pitch means up) but are there others? In computer system dialogues modes put an interpretation on information and affect what the user is able to do at any given point in the system (see Chapter 6 for more on this). Chapters 2 and 3 set the work in context, Chapters 4 and 5 investigate what sounds are the best to use, Chapter 6 shows where sound should be used and Chapter 7 brings all the work together to show the structured method in action. How are complex structures mapped to sound?

Thesis intro
thesis intro

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For a more detailed description of the notation used see Scholes 148. Mode can also refer to the human sense that is used to perceive the information - the sensory modality (see Chapter 2 for more on this). There are several examples of systems that use sound and exploit some of its essay on science in everyday life wikipedia advantages. A multimodal interface that integrated information output to both senses could capitalise on the interdependence between them and present information in the most efficient and natural way possible. Interactions were considered in terms of events, status and modes to find hidden information. Specific focus for the research in the form of a thesis statement, aims and objectives, hypothesis or a question. Thus the structured method for integrating sound into interfaces was shown to be effective when applied to existing interface widgets. The hardware manufacturers see it as a selling point but its only real use to date is in games or for electronic musicians. The introduction usually also sets out the.

thesis intro

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