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speaking minds can be stretched to accommodate the foreign, and how thereby we are able to make our own language more beautiful-to awaken. Et mme sil mest arrivé dtre emporté par le courant dune rivière Dans chacun de mes songes Revient ce nom Deux syllabes Congo And even if it's come to pass that I have been removed by a river's current In each of my dreams this. Other panelists' presentations will follow. Jim Jarmusch, "Jim Jarmusch's Golden Rules Web site. And inevitably each time I have taught this course, there are a handful of students who are native speakers of languages other than English. Yale University, during the past few years, in a number of articles and other forums, I have sought to encourage the exploration of some of the aesthetic principles which might be helpful in the formulation of a unified, though unfolding, theory of poetic translation. At first I worried that the literal and symbolic nature of the tether might be too abstract, but I realized as I unearthed it for everyone in the conference meeting room in Missoula, Montana, that I see my translation projects as a lifeline linking. I like to think of it as analogous to the Taoist approach to happiness: if you move directly toward the target, you will miss.

The reviewer, for example, says that some of the choices I made in my translated poems are based on "ignorance" or "conscious mistranslation." While it would be possible to offer explanations for each of the points the review raises many of which, it seems. Lituanus, l ithuanian, q uarterly, j ournal OF, a RTS AND, s ciences. Obviously, it is not enough to know that a word can mean both. But there seems to me to be no internal consistency which dictates the use of that meaning.

essays on poetry translation

In Translating Poetry, Translating Blackness, John Keene arg ues that we need. Particularly in the United States, is a topic for another essay.

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Bilingual printing arrangements open the translations to all sorts of misreadings and the translations cannot get the sort of independent reading they deserve as freely-standing poems. Lituanus 23:1 (1977 I translated that line as follows: "The cuckoo quiets, a guest is stabbed in the inn." In the version published in the book, I changed verb tense and defined the relationship of the elements in the two phrases: "The cuckoo quieted, stabbed. The wheels on which it had glided were gone. Society, and in relation to African American history and culture. In this instance, however, scholars and writers might be able to learn from one another, so I try to be sensitive to both perspectives. Paulo Leminski, from "Desencontrários" 2, i have been translating now for about a decade and a half, beginning not long after I graduated from college, and, at that point, quite badly. Finally, for those of you who have not read John Keenes latest book, Counternarratives, I cant leave here without recommending it highly, both for the depth and beauty howwhat a thesis statements of its language, the systematic wildness of its formal techniques, and the vast and profound depictions.

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