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with a fever because of his injury, but recovers.) Who is missing at the end of this chapter? Day 56 Vocabulary We are going to begin reading William Shakespeares play Hamlet and our vocabulary will be coming primarily from this play. Write a Response to Literature for Caedmons Hymn. Read about Samuel Johnson. Shakespeare had a great vocabulary and he brought many new words and phrases to the English language. Day 131 Reminder: Your personal narrative is due on Day 135 and your 17th 18th century unit test will be on Day 135. SAT Prep You are going to be doing some SAT prep daily. (answer: Cavalier poets) Who was the Jesuit poet from England who authored Wreck of the Deutschland? He tells them how they should perform the play naturally travel blogs photo essays and not overact. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern enter.

Read through the list of characters for Sir Gawain and The Green Knight. . However, there is also the use of catalexis which means the final unstressed syllable is dropped from the line. There are present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect tenses. Read about William Shakespeare. Define the following terms in your vocabulary notebook: speaker, structure, theme Reading Read Chapter.

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Define the following terms in your vocabulary notebook: context, poetic license Reading Read about Alexander Pope. What happens to the ship and those on board? The lion is not a real lion.) What does Puck do to Bottom? Line 88 says the rules essay my favourite movie of nature are discovered, not devised. You can follow along with the audio version. Make any needed changes and work on typing up your final draft. Howard was executed for being Catholic. Herods sister, Salome I, lies to Herod and tells him that Mariam had been unfaithful while he was gone. Elinor and Marianne meet Anne and Lucy Steele. Robinson names him Friday. (I linked the printable version to avoid the ads.

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