good things comes to those who wait essay

come to an end. This is true for learning English it is a long term thing. Often at school, the students work pretty hard and they just want the weekend to come so they can go out and enjoy themselves. All in good time! Its worth it in the end.

All good things to those who wait. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait 173. They say that Good things come to those who wait, and Im sure its true. If you have the patience to wait for a long time, eventually something good will come to you.

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Sometimes students ask me what their English will be like in 3 months time, or 6 months time. Sometimes, teachers at my school organize trips out of class (e.g. You can also hear me chat with English Robot 3000. Im going to teach you some useful words and expressions on the subject of waiting. Youll have to listen to the podcast in order to hear my explanations and examples of the 23 items of vocabulary listed above. Hold your horses, see how things go, wait and see. Yeah yeah yeah yeah, baby, good things come to those who wait. And we've been patient, waiting for the right time. Persevere, stick at it, dont give up, keep going. For example, if youre looking for Mr Right or Mrs Right if you want to get married, its no good if you just marry the first person you meet. And we waited long enough for, the time for love is right. Knowing that it would be wrong to run.

Good things comes to those who wait essay
good things comes to those who wait essay

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