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I started to keep around the age of 14: The world is a perfect chaos. Instructions for Writing Reflective Essays link for more detail. Project 5: Reflective Essay, student Samples. The people in Honduras gave me a gift that goes beyond money or anything materialistic. The next day I had the chance to visit a family around the community and see the conditions that they lived. School media and archival students should visit the links below for more information regarding their practicums. I have seen similar conditions because I was born in Albania, also a developing country. Evaluative statements for each sample artifact. In the, reflective Essay, students demonstrate their competency in their degree-specific student learning outcomes, analyze the contribution of included artifacts to the students' professional development, and describe students' beliefs regarding the professional responsibilities of an information professional. Im not a doctor yet.

If a transfer course taken from another institution is approved to substitute for a core class, a representative sample from that transfer course may be included in the E-Portfolio. At that moment, that woman became my parent, became my hero. Student Samples, project 4: Infographic, student Samples B Level, student Samples C Level. Syllabi and Other Course Materials, project 1: Rhetorical Analysis, supplementary Materials. The course requires 135 hours at the practicum site plus three mandatory online meetings (webinars). . Students are responsible for retaining the necessary documentation of all artifacts please refer to the document storage and retention policy.