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represents the American Middle-Class Value System 521 words - 2 pages the end of the story, Sammy quits his job because he doesn't feel that Lendell should have embarrassed the girls. His mom makes his lunch and irons his shirts, and even. This cynical reflection on his partner's nave optimism on one-day becoming manager reflects Sammy's transition from his assumed imaginative or prospective demeanor to a more pragmatic and pessimistic conclusion that "A P" is a dead end. She'd been watching cash registers for 50 years and probably never seen a mistake before Kennedy 13).

The A P Rebel 819 words - 4 pages Blinded by immaturity and desire, a young boy evolves into a man in a single afternoon. Sammy fantasizes about the girls' bodies and appearances. Their subordination is mainly due to their pecuniary constrains and also because of their social position in a society.

Subsequently, he observes their apprehension towards revolution, their reluctance and fear for a change, which could havoc their perfectly constructed so called peace. Iron, and my stomach kind of fell as I felt how hard the world was going to be for me hereafter" (Updike 226). Undoubtedly, having worked there for much to long, Sammy, finally says enough is enough, and quits his job. Doris relationship with the young couple is difficult, because she is an outsider, she is old, and they are young, both John and his wife Annette. They small-talk, and she looks at the nature around her and the man. Young Sammy almost certainly began his career at "A P" with enthusiasm and prospect, as would most. A And P 546 words - 2 pages A Critical Response of A tory By John Updike When Sammy states "Now here comes the sad part of the story the reader how to do research paper introduction assumes the writer is referring to the girls.

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