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whole. Direct one executive of appropriate level to direct safety programmes. The effects of noxious gases are: (a) Simple asphyxiants,.g., nitrogen gas, methane gas, carbon dioxide. Good Housekeeping: House-keeping means cleanliness in buildings, work areas, rest areas, equipments, machinery tools etc. Experiments have shown that when only one lunch-break is provided then accidents tend to increase with each successive hour of work in the morning and reaching a maximum approximately at.M., then reduces in the noon. (i) Mental Environment: Good working conditions produce a good effect on the workers psychology in addition to greater efficiency. (b) Chemical osphysciants,.g., carbon monoxide, hydrogen-sulphide, hydro-cyanic acid. CO2 system: These are used in enclosed areas, switchgear room, cable tunnels, and gas turbine/engine cells.

Face: Sensitive to particles, chemical liquids/fumes/gases, flying objects. Jonathan DiGioia Kari Edison Watkins Yanzhi Xu Michael Rodgers Randall Guensler. Dodou, gayle Brewer Barry Holt Shahzeb Malik. Personal Protection Devices: (a) Use of Goggles, Helmets, Gloves, Apron, Safety shoes, and Safety belts is necessary where required. Treatment for Electric Shock : The following precautions must be observed while working on electrical works to protect against shocks:. Leg and foot: Sensitive to falling of objects, chemicals.

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A first-aid box is provided in the charge of a responsible person, who must be always available in working hours and he should be trained in first-aid. Twelve large size sterilized dressings. Addressed in study number one as reported in this article using the data from the. Causes of Accidents in Industries. It is not only sufficient to care going against social norm essay of safety but other two inter-related aspects, viz., health (well-being of employees) and environment are also given equal importance and considerations.