tourism essay conclusion

Police is closing their eyes on the drug fulfilled parties. For example, last month in Egypt, there were some political problems, and suddenly it affected the tourism dramatically, which is very important for the economy. Forcefulness and decisiveness: tourist guide should have able to manage people and decision making.

Tourism essay conclusion
tourism essay conclusion

Contrary to this, a few drawbacks are also being highlighted like environmental pollution, destruction of agricultural land, cultural and social degradation. Moreover, many countries become famous due to certain areas seen by people coming from abroad sights and tourist features), as for example, the Egyptian pyramids. In conclusion, tourism can have good or bad effects on the environment, the economy or even the culture. Mass tourism affects strongly beaches, cliff-side, environment and degraded landscape. Chow (2004) conducted to assess tourist guide performance that service quality of tourist guide should/should be or has as followings: Punctuality Ability to solve problems Knowledge of the destination Honesty and trustworthiness Knowledge of information about safety regulations Ability to deliver the service promised. Moreover, as suggested by Wall and Wright (1977 physical impacts to the tourist destination include alterations to the natural environment, including air, water, soils, vegetation and wildlife as well as changes to the build environment (Mathiesen and Wall; 1999; 38). Tourist guides need to have the spirit of being a service provider to make others happy instead of doing the work just for money or temporary experiences.

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Then, they can call tourists by their correct name and making a tourist impression Leadership: in conducting tours, tourists always believe that the tourist guide is the head or the leader of the tour who can help them in every difficulty. The private domain is lucky to have a greater stability than the public one even if it might pay it's employees less. There are many activities available around Phuket such as, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, fishing, surfing beach, jet skis and the place for honeymooners. New para Many people believe that customs and traditions are vanishing due to tourists. Therefore, tourist guides are a career which creates a lot of benefits to the country. It is an effective contribution to the development of destination. Therefore, there is not yet concluded rather than well-designed to give all conclusions of the tourist guides qualifications. At this stage the destination is visited by small number of tourists who are keen to explore cultural and natural beauty of the place but the number of visitors is limited due to accessibility difficulties and lack of facilities.