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half the stuff I learned in high school. For example teachers do it all time when a teacher has a family emergency or something they need to take care of then another teacher comes and takes the job. Submissions must be approved by Principal Diane Bagley, or Assistant Principal, Maria Rollinger. Yeah I guess it is true, its just knowledge. The reason is because you actually went to school and learned something more then what you needed. Because when planning for a wedding youre suppose to figure out the decorations for the hall and what kind of food theirs going to be and things like. Click the links below to read a sampling of what young people believe. The student said I dont see when would I have to foil something at ah ok!

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Sure you need Math, English, Biology and such. Scroll down and click the red headings to see more. Add a bookmark (app icon) for this page to the home screen on your iOS or Android device for quick access. I mean think about it: How many courses franklin roosevelt great depression essay that people take in high school are actually helpful for them? Being Content with Myself, finding the Flexibility to Survive, the Triumph of Kindness. And taking biology would just be a waste of time also because in there you learn about body parts and body parts doesnt have to do nothing with the weather. I need to learn how to count and stuff, but thats the basic math like multiplying adding, subtracting and dividing. For time sensitive items, please send submissions by 9:00.m., Tuesday mornings. Sure at the end its somewhat worth what youre learning at school because you never know when that knowledge is going to be helpful. Please send submissions to, becky Patton. Using GoogleApps for Education tools, students recorded their podcasts and embedded an mp3 player code of that podcast into this collaborative website.