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aptitude and physical tests. That shouldnt come as a surprise to you thoughremember what we were saying about side dishes? Although cleaners and gardeners might not necessarily make all that much, butlers or house managers can make more than 150,000 per year. Once youve proven yourself in the interview, the starting salary is 12,000 but marketing and sales managers can be on as much as 100,000 a year. If youre still feeling gloomy here are eight celebrities who are proof you can succeed even if you flunk your gcses. Offshore Oil Worker Working on an oil rig can be tough, and the dangers involved in the job mean that its highly paid. It can also show that youre competent in more specific subjects because they can see the classes you took. Even making the most of your skills and experience, make sure youre applying for positions that are appropriate for you. I am planning to work for one year on OPT (Optional Practical Training then I will transfer to a university. The makers of the test wont even attempt to suggest an equivalentbecause GPA standards vary so much school to school. You might not have years of work experience, but what else in your background can demonstrate your worth to an employer?

Get a Top MBA with a Low GPA Get, a Good, job With No Experience? College, applicants Can Do to Stand Out Begin Your Bachelors Degree at a Community

Such an approach is commonly known as 2 2, though it may take more than four years to complete all of the courses required for a bachelors degree. Richard continued to grow his Virgin brand and today he's worth an estimated 5billion. There are a lot of legitimate colleges and universities that offer online degrees but there are also a ton of frauds. With nearly 1,200 community colleges in the country, there are many benefits of this model in comparison to studying all four years at a university.

Educational system, students often compete for good grades. You didnt mention which fields youre interested in entering, but you did say your English degree was useless. In fact, odds are that youre a nontraditional student, which could mean youre eligible for some unique scholarship opportunities. It might seem like every other ad out there requires a university degree or a handful of gcses, but there are plenty of industries that dont. A GED is not the same as a high school diplomaso do colleges treat them differently? Along with tutoring programs, accessibility to professors, and the like, many community colleges also offer specialty programs. Dont allow some of the challenges of transferring to deter you.

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