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vs itself For over 6 hours on 4 September 2009, RfCbot. This use of the term "alternate" is consistent with usage in North America, where it means "taking the place of; alternative". But fans need not fret: Jarndyce and Jarndyce II continues at WT:MOS, with clowns for the amusement of all. Two newlines in the source had been stripped out at some point without either participant noticing, rendering the appearance of the two versions, which were reverted back and forth seven times, completely identical. Who decides what is and is not canon, anyway, and is it fact or opinion to say so? Several users reverted each other and one was blocked for WP:3RR, however after he was unblocked, he was at it again, careful not to violate WP:3RR. We call it free online study materials from Clear IAS. This debate, over a single word in the article, consumed most of the month of September 2007. Wikipedia:Please be a giant dick, so we can ban you An edit war which focuses on which image should be used to describe "dick".

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Dental floss Truly, an edit war over dental floss! In this online age, knowledge is available at mouse-click. Derren Brown Derren was shown convincing former unbelievers to believe in god, or should that be 'God or 'the Christian god'? Is the form of the Halo number Halo 3 or halo_03 or halo 3? The developers have always called it a sequel, except for when they've always called it a spin-off. Does it count as a revert if you call it vandalism, even if it is a content dispute? A simple capitalized letter led to, as xkcd neatly summed up, " Forty thousand words of debate before suggesting the "compromise" solution of StAr TrEk InTo DaRkNeSs. Cue increasingly aggressive back and forth ( semi-protection amid accusations of sock puppetry, and the obligatory ANI thread. 77 Link Revert war over whether the Japanese word for "Link" should be transliterated as Rinku or Rink. Dont worry about your age, financial background, lack of time or any other usual excuses. This active cultural war re-fermented in November 2003, June 2004, November 2004, May 2005, February 2006, October 2006, AprilMay 2007, June 2009, July 2009 (which spilled over into this ANI report and again in November-December 2011, which then produced yet another ANI report and.

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