preserving our planet essay

that we are slowly destroying our planet? Some of these plans I will discuss in this essay, many of which can be executed by any one. But, what if global warming is not what they say it is? Mars, Venus, and Mercury are examples of rocky terrestrials in our solar system.

The main task is to save the planet which is going.
If the humanity change nothing in a thousand of years our planet will not exist.
We should start doing something and give a chance to next generations.

It would definitely help protect our environment from pollution. Anyone who has read Genesis can plainly see that Earth was created by God as a place for man to dwell. Can We Save Planet Earth? About 7 billion people are living right now! The biggest challenge that our earth is facing today is global warming, the glaciers are melting, sea level is rising, amp; the climate is changing on a fast pace. With such a large population, there has been an increasing need essay on your most precious possession for products. It is not only inexhaustible treasure trove of nature, but also a recycler which reproduces most of its nutrients and moisture. Is it possible to keep the air and ocean unpolluted with populations of 10 million or more in the worlds megacities? Some plateaus, like the plateau of Tibet, lie between mountain ranges. National Environmental Trust reports that the burning of fossil fuels contributes to global warming.