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hard reality to wake up to when youre. We didnt really grow up in a gendered environment. Panhandlers and people who were homeless sleeping on the streets. Being black in the.S. People said I should be proud of myself if I got even 10 of the votes, but Im pretty competitive. We didnt have a hierarchy. Being an immigrant, a refugee, Muslimall of those things represent an otherness that is not typical or easily confined into the social fabric of this country. He said, Well we havent gotten to our America yet, you just need to be patient. We have a lot of immigrants here. 8, 2016, to represent Minneapolis District 60B in the Minnesota house of representatives. They truly believe that they have something to contribute to society and that it is an obligation as humans.

I had to figure out what it meant to be a bridge builder-what it meant to forge relationships that really never existed becomes the backstory to how I ended up where. When we arrived, our first experience was driving through Manhattan. People think of Minneapolis as a very liberal, progressive city.

Somalia is a majority black Muslim country and so is the camp in Kenya. Life in Somalia before the civil war was beautiful. The incumbent I was running against was a trailblazer when it comes to natural selection essay conclusion women in politics, so you would think that my gender wouldnt be a big issue. We fled to Kenya and ended up living in a refugee camp for four years. I remember looking to my dad for answers. I had to figure out what it meant to be a bridge builder.

I talk a lot about the men in my family because my mother died when I was little and my grandmother died when my aunts were little, so we didnt have those kinds of heads of household. I still am that way. When I was. But everybody wanted to make that an issue. I try to embed in my children that they have something to contribute.

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