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the preparation that teachers do in order to meet their autistic. The purpose of this paper will be to enable teachers access to information about teaching these students in the field of Geography. ASD is a lifelong developmental disability as it was illustrated in the definition in the previous part and it is characterised by impairments in social interaction, social imagination and social communication, with these impairments occurring to different degrees in different individuals, leading Wing and Gould. This essay is divided in to three main parts: the first part discusses the inclusion for special education needs students and specified on inclusion for students with ASD and discuss the role of inclusive policies in school, school managers and staff in generating a positive. Moreover, as it has been discussed that, individuals with ASD have a social impairment, which can become main barriers for their inclusion in school. Students will be farther ahead and teachers can better fit the curriculum to meet the needs of the class. It is a blueprint that provides each student with a unique set of modifications that will best suit each students needs. (2003) argued, most of autistic students would crime in big cities essay be able to understand the content of the lessons when their problem are accommodated.

The third part illustrates how these barriers might be overcome and gives more then one solution such as training for skills and attitude for teachers and students. Therefore teachers must react to each student differently and teach them accordingly (Bagnato, 2011). Another example is that a student with communicative delays might have to take an hour speech class with a speech therapist each day. In line with head teacher attitude toward children with learning difficulties, Campbell (2006) argued that, attitude of teachers toward children with learning difficulties is an important in creating a positive learning experience in the school for them. A school policy should take into consideration how to address the need for the entire student in the classroom such as gifted and talented students or student with learning difficulties such as children with ASD and apply inclusive curriculum to meet such these students need. A student first receives a referral for special education services by a parent or teacher. A student with learning difficulties in mainstream school made this statement, as it is the main aim for inclusion to give the all the students equal opportunities for learning.

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Moreover, teachers may use visual aids such as graphics or mind maps, to help the student visualise the information of the lesson, which can lead to better understanding for the students (Marks., 2003). They emphasised the essential role for every individual who involved with the child to support the inclusion process. These kind of characteristics for children with Autism which may lead them to prefer some particular subjects in schools such as since and mathematics for the natural of this subject. Managers in schools play a significant role as well in making the school more positive experience for pupils with learning difficulties (Homas, Walker, Webb, 1998). The Inclusion For Special Education Needs Students Education Essay Internet. You do not want to spend the entire year writing on the board to realize at the end that that particular student learned nothing because they could not see. Encourage them to use different strategies for attaining the needed skills in geography. Therefore, teachers have to meet all these requirements and assess the students progression in the learning process. In addition, a streetcar named desire conflict essay students with ASD can be easily become overwhelmed by the large amount of knowledge and information they may receive in the classroom and they may not be able to recognise the most important information during the lesson in the classroom. Policy and curriculum, regarding to the school policy, the aim of inclusive policy is to prevent the marginalization for people who experience unfavourable circumstances in life (Vitello, Mithaug, 1998, p24).

Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. The role of school managers. Making the school experience a positive one for all students with learning difficulties and practically for students with ASD. The school has many different professional on hand to help each student with their individual needs. The referral then begins an assessment process. Each student and each disability is different. Carefully select what to use in initial instruction; concrete (maps manipulative materials (puzzles) and firsthand experiences are usually effective. They may experience impairment in their language, and it is likely that children with ASD may have delays when they start to speak compared to typically developed children.

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