opportunity knocks but once essay

one is there to prevent it to happen again. They were all yelling for help. Opportunity comes to us and goes away but we are so lazy and unaware that we dont care to welcome the opportunity. It is the hour of fate, And they who follow me reach every state. It is up to you how to make the best use of the opportunity. But Raman was not one to give up He was just waiting for an opportunity to prove his worth to the King. The birth, the death. What you must have is the will power that can overcome any hurdle.

Weeks passed and there was no news from the Rajguru. Read More, related Stories, latest Stories. In that prospect I found out a similar expression. When there are hundreds of people looking for the same opportunity, we have to be intelligent enough to realize its value and act accordingly. But you must do the same trick with your eyes open." The magician agreed without a second thought. Meaning let's forget what we missed!) What has been knocked yet is done once and for all. What I mean to say is that the opportunity of living is there in the life of everyone but the opportunity that knocks at every door but only once is the opportunity that can bring a big and amazing change in a persons life. How best we can use this opportunity depends. In the life of a person so many opportunities come but he ignores or give little importance to them, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes knowingly. Forestine submitted that idiom to our consideration. A student gets an opportunity to study and make his career.

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