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enough theory to know what to look for when collecting data. If not, you have probably come up with a theme or field, not a question. Use it as an opportunity to spur the readers interest. Observe to what extent these different openings inspire you, and choose the approach most appropriate to your topic. How do you know that you have drafted a research question? How much time and space should you devote to the theory chapter? For some countries where other organic products (e.g.

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The discussion will consist of argumentation. However, the market share of organic products in total food sales is still small, with shares ranging between one and three percent. If you are analysing human actions, you may want to engage the readers emotions. At this point, you may point out these possible developments, while making it clear for the reader that they were beyond the framework of your current project. Changes in dietary habits among many segments of the population of developed countries - resulting from increased health awareness and the increasing demand for a wider variety of products, including convenience food - have contributed to this growth. During the work, you may have encountered new research questions and interesting literature which could have been followed. Other theories let you develop the various forensic report writing nuances of a phenomenon.

1.2 Defining the scope of your thesis. Introduction, your introduction has two main purposes: 1) to give an overview of the main points of your thesis, and 2) to awaken the readers interest. How important is the historical background? In the IMRaD format the theory section is included in the introduction, and the second chapter covers the methods used.

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