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work encourage students to think about the type of information they need include retrieval of information using tools in ways that will be dogs make great pets essay helpful in other contexts ask students. 2015 gisa Conference Brian Collier Marist School Encourages critical reading and evaluation. For online subscription. Constructivism, the various descriptions of the constructivist philosophical framework share the view that individuals create, negotiate, and interpret meanings for their actions and for the social situations in which they. Encourages critical reading and develops research skills. Variation: compose a letter to the editor using statistics information to support your stance on an issue. Newspaper Detective Examine an event closely by reading newspaper articles written at the time. Information can be gathered from anywhere (popular press, scholarly articles, organizations, personal interviews, and internet) but resources must be documented in a bibliography. Document your research-both what you were able to find and what you were unable to find. Share your findings in class discussion. Online Course - LinkedIn Learning 15 Creative Timelines for Presentations, metamorph Training Pvt Ltd, outthinking Fake News.

Emphasizes the mechanics of searching and the differences between search engines. An integrated paper is a type of review of the literature that includes the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information on a well-defined content area and includes the writers original thoughts and ideas on the topic which are based upon the available evidence. The conclusion should be coherent and well pointed and lead the readers attention to the direction which the writer perceives is the logical next step. Discuss plot, main characters, settings, events, etc., but also facts.

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Database internet searching Best and Worst of the Web Using a search engine, locate and evaluate the best and the worst web sites you can find on a topic. Research Log Learn everything you can about specific topic connected to the course. For each option, provide a precise statement of your search topic and an outline of your search strategy for retrieving information relevant to the topic. Allows students to judge the impact of an event during the time it happened. Historical Video Assessment Compare and contrast the film version of an event to the actual event in history. Support your opinions with analyses and data from the field, and back your assertions with scholarly articles and statistics. Emphasizes that there are multiple perspectives on any issue or event, and that various disciplines approach a common topic from both similar and differing vantages.