religion and sports essay

theater or traveled to a sporting event. Sports also shows them the importance of following rules, and like religion, sport makes the common person more likely to accept the judgments of people with power and influence (Coakley 29). I hope you will find these issues as interesting as I did. According to one critic (Harris, 1981 "it has turned into a passion, a mania, a drug far more potent and widespread than any mere chemical substance." It is the new opium of the people. If ritual may be entertaining, then entertainment, as experienced in a sports stadium, may be ritualistic. There's the seasonal nascar on Sundays and Monday night football, but most sports such as, baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey hold their events on any given day of the week. Here is Daniel Wann 2001, a leading sport psychologist at Murray State University, and his co-authors: "The similarities between sport fandom and organized religion are striking. It is important too for a nation to create a sense of identity but it is especially important for a regional area. Both religion and sports are major elements of culture in America. He comes to this conclusion because he feels that there is more to the religious terminology that other authors suggested.

tags: essays research papers Research Papers 1030 words (2.9 pages) It has Gods, rituals, saints, prophets, houses of worship, and a membership. Identity can be explained as understanding what or who a person or a thing. Research Papers 897 words (2.6 pages) - Sport Psychology: How it Helps Athletes In our society today it seems like sports rule the land. Why atheism will replace religion: The triumph of earthly pleasures over pie in the sky. However, numerous people in the world today regard religion and sports with similar relevance. Sport is a secular sacrament, and the fanfare and ritual that is associated with sport has reached a level which rivals the societal promontory which religion has occupied in societies for thousands of years. Fans wear the team colors and carry its flags, icons, and mascots. Some essay about your own family tree online people follow sports like a religion. More, i believe the question posed by Prebish asking whether sport is a parallel to religion or identical means that sport is very closely related to the same principles. Prebish also gives us an example of two people, an athletic marathoner and the faithful churchgoer. Sports can unite people, provide them with strong feelings of group unity, and provide them with an identity to rally behind (Coakley 22).

Many Americans arrange their schedules to either attend or watch these events on television. Religion and sports are compared easily by conflict theorists (those who believe that the elements of a society work against one another in pursuit of supremacy). As a significant component of human society, sport has been the cause of violence between groups of people, just as religion has also had the same effect. Lest the fans become too smug, here is a socialist critique: Shaped by the needs of capitalist systems, spectator sports serve vested interests as a type of "cultural anesthesia a form of " or "opiate" that distracts, diverts, and deflects attention from the pressing social. Christianity has been an enduring feature of the mainstream sport films from its emergence in the early twentieth century, such that religious icons, references and rituals have now become naturalised as a familiar and recurring aspect. The churchgoer seeks the glorious experience of God, while the marathoner pursues the perfect run, which in some cases can be an equally profound and religious experience.