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never regard you as a fan blinded by adoration. Mixed race identity can be a very complex and dynamic. I think that's the equavilent as saying "Mariah doesn't act "black" enough." I remember people completely dissing Mariah (not online, but offline) because they said she was trying to be "black" in Butterfly. If you are suggesting that when police brutality (which seems to be on the rise to me)against minorities, subtle and obvious discrimination perpetrated against minorities still occur here and the naacp is perhaps one of the only organizations that someone can turn to to get. I am especially curious how you reconcile LH's slapping a man in the face w/your idealized image, since, by my criteria, anyone who resorts to violence has lost her composure - another very human quality. MC has every means at her disposal to control the content of her videos, and she instead chooses to portray images that feed into standardized noxious racist sexist notions that different racial groups think act as monoliths. She would never do that on a regualr song, and I happen to not approve of it either way.

272 represents the combined total of all the acting categories for which awards have been given since the inception of the Academy Awards. All I can say is: Y'all better get used to it! You know, this thread has been such an eyeopener for me and like LEtrice said, it's actually helped me to put in context what is going on here in the media. Madmonte64 Global user ( 6/8/00 7:53:30 am ) The pervasive influence of racism, subtle obvious. I could go on and on but I'll stop here.

If she truly wanted to demonstrate that identity is flexible mutable, she would subvert conventions. For example, saying that wealth and celebrity are proven weapons against racism (MY words) is NOT the same as saying that wealth insulates celebrities from racism (your words). The Greek Society, Italian daughters, Jewish ancestry, African-American Award of Merit, descendants., this is the same thing! Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary defines "African" as adj. UPN sprung up wiht more Black programmingbut I personally dislike seeing shows like 'Eddie 'Moesha' 'The Parkers' etc. Anyway, that's enough from me! And even more astounded by several black people attributing their lighter skin to the slave masters visiting the slave hut. You do have some major issues, don't you? Telling a child or an adult at an award ceremony, hey I see what you are doing and I think that you ought to be recognized for that(never mind that you are not famous) goes along way in building someone's self esteem so they don't. The Oscars purport not to discriminate, but the reality preservation of the planet earth essay indicates that their policy is nothing if essentially lip service.