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hydrophobia." The plant is specific and native to Sri Lanka. Are not as white. The local Urdu and Punjabi names for the tree is Sumbal, Semal, Sainbhal. By worshipping trees in which yakshas may inhabit, people seek to placate the spirits and bring health and prosperity into their lives. Syzygium aromaticum (Cloves) Caryophyllus aromaticus Linn. Its flowers are useful in treating conjunctivitis A verrhoa carambola (star fruitm, star apple) Kamaranga, kaamaranka, carambola - - Origin in the Malayan region- Used in Orthopedic medications in Sri lanka. Robusta, kala wael. The oil etc., have medicinal properties. Prescribed for insect bites,.g., scorpions. This tuber has small or absent underground tubers, more numerous aerial tubers, and alternate leaves Dioscorea longifolius Gas Kothala - - Listed in Charles Pridham. Image and writeup Elettaria cardamomum Ensal, Enasal - elam, cirrelam See Knuckeles National wilderness by Gunatilake.

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The Hindi name Ajvan is the root of the'English name "Ajwan". Write up and images Hibiscus esculentus Bandakka - - - Hibiscus micranthus Bebila, Baebila - - - Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Pokuru Wada, Pokuru Wadamal - semparuthi - Hibiscus tiliaceus Beli Patta - nirpparutti - Hieracium Pilosella (hawk weed, mouse ear) Mee-kan palaa, mee kan pala. The Buddhist texts and official records before the twentieth century in Thailand are known as khoi books (c.f., Sanskrit name: patrollekhataru -.e., lekhana on pathra). Food and Chemical Toxicology Volume 43, Issue 11, November 2005, Pages and references therein It is a common for health remedy in Asia. Capsicum frutescenes (chili pepper, Thai pepper, Thai chili) Miris, Kochchi miris Miris is an essential part of Sri Lankan cooking, and the main ingredient of "Lunimiris". It is also used to treat diarrhea, and even H1N1-flu Chinese herbal and swine flu (see article in the Hindu, Nov. I The belief hat tea prepared from what do you need in an essay Maadan reduces type-II diabetes has not been substantiated in double-blind experiments ( Syzygium fergu Family Myrtaceaesoni Val Karabu, Wal karabu - - Syzygium jambos (Jamun tree, rose apple) Jambu - perunavalGeorge Willty, campai "The word "Jambu" occurs. Hence it should not be surprising that, contrary to the position taken by Hettiarachchi, the sinhala words pol 'thal and 'puvak' should find their ancestry in Sanskrit, as we discuss below. It should also be noted that a tribe of people known as the "Nagas" are mentioned in the Mahabharata, Mahavamsa and other ancient texts, and lived in ancient south-east Asia. The first discussion of this in Sri Lanka was sponsored by the Institute of Chemistry, in 1973 with. Nil-Manel Neelkamal allittamarai, Karuneythal, Neelambal This is claimed to be the "nil-mahanel the "national flower" of Sri Lanka, while Nymphea Stelleta was at first officially recognized. Mentagrophytes) (El-Said.

Heavy seed production and long seed viability make it troublesome to control. Heen medi - Premna integrifolia Dashamoola in India is a concoction of the roots of Aegle marmelos, Gmelina arborea, Oroxylum indicum, Clerodendrum phlomidis, Stereospermum chelonoides, Desmodium gangeticum, Uraria picta, Solanum indicum, Solanum surattense and Tribulus terrestris. S alsinoides, Fimbristylis falcata, Eutp/torbia indica, Crotolaria latebrosa and Blunrea obliyua, Phyllanthus simplex, Mollugo nudicattlis, Cassia mimosoides, Chlorophytum taxum, Fimbrisrylis acuminata, Polygala javana, Ischaenutm tintorense, Striga etrphrasiodes ) has been studied by eneviratne (university of Colombo andadasa,.S.Fernando, M Sanjeevani and R Rajapakse of Sri. Tamil: murunkai, murungai It has also been claimed that the Murunga plant can be used to remove metal toxins like cadmium, As, Pb by simply growing the plant along water streams and wells, or by adding the crushed seed to to drinking water.