my favorite animal elephant essay in marathi

13 feet in height and 24,000 pounds in weight. They should be protected in order to maintain their availability on the earth. Hindi Essay s My Dog Animal Fvurite marathi essay on my favourite animal kangaroo. Population of African elephants is estimated about 400,000 to 660,000 individuals, and population of Asian elephants is about 25,600 to 32,750 individuals. Elephant eats leaves, stem of banana trees, grass, soft plants, nuts, fruits, etc in the jungle. Bones and tusks of elephant are used to make hooks for brushes, knife-handles, combs, bangles including other fancy things. Disney's success continued in adapting their hit animated film into a theatrical phenomenon.

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Essay on, elephant for Children and Students

my favorite animal elephant essay in marathi

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Lions in the media are seen as scary and dangerous animals. It obeys its keeper very sincerely till death. Another reason why I love dogs is that they have a heart and ability to understand the pain of man or other animals. Elephants are herbivores and eat vegetables, fruits, grasses, so they are friendly and harmless to human. It is found in the Africa and Asia. A baby elephant can take almost 20 to 22 months in getting fully developed inside its mother womb. Lions are not dangerous or scary because in the movie lion king they are helpful. They avoid fight essay reflections day well spent but if someone teases them, they can set it down to the ground. It is called the king of the forest. Elephants are at risk of extinction because of their size, prized ivory tusks, hunting, etc. It can live for many years from 150 to 200 years. Generally, it is found in grey color however white in Thailand.

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