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than the rule, if they exist at all. The number of men and women who do not produce eggs or sperm at all is very small, and has been greatly reduced by modern assisted-reproduction techniques. In the end, his view about research cloning could be construed as too permissive, and his argument provides a great deal of ammunition for those who advocate a ban on all types of cloning, including therapeutic cloning. On the face of it, rationality and procreation seem to be extremely odd bedfellows; indeed, it is often the absence of rationality that leads to conception.

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A way to reach a conclusion is to look at cloning from ethical, risk, and religious perspectives. There is no reason that individuals and society can't learn to embrace human clones as just one more element of human diversity and creativity. Tannert finds it particularly problematic that a clone, unlike offspring created through the combination of genetic material from two individuals, is the result of deliberate human decision and action and is therefore, through this arbitrariness, an artefact. Arguments offered for and against reproductive cloning are given below. T know that killer bees were created by scientists. This is true of cloning at present, and it is for this reason that we should refrain from creating offspring in this manner. But how should we deal with cloned humans that are beyond the pre-embryo stage but unlikely to become live and viable offspring? If the entities in question are non-sentient non-people and lack the capacity to become people who will experience pain or suffering as a result of having been used in cloning research, an appeal to well-established principles, such as the principle of respect for people. It would be violating the human rights in many ways. Killer bees have killed more than a 1000 people. But this is not to claim that cloning is morally impermissible because it involves using another as a mere means; instead the claim is that it would be wrong to create a person by cloning because that person would probably be born in what Joel. Even if cloning were safe, it would be impossible to allow reproductive cloning for lesbians or gay men without making it generally available to all.

S rules and his natural order instead of trying to make God? Another case in which logistical cloning might be legitimate would be if the man is sterile, the couple believes the use of third-party gametes to be morally objectionable and both partners want a genetic connection to the child. But it is not clear that cloning restricts the autonomy of the clone any more than would reproducing with one particular individual rather than another or, in the case of ARTs, with gametes from one donor rather than another. Furthermore, there is an immense difference between a woman's desire to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and the desire to create a genetic duplicate of another person.