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Paper.Hand out : Biodiversity, biological Diversity or, biodiversity - is the variety (diversity) of all life forms on earth, encompassing all plants, animals, microorganisms and the intricate ecosystems they form. Biodiversity : Life, the world, the variation of life for the entire globe. Of these, 126,188 have been described in India. Due to genetic diversity, population adjusts in its environment and responds to natural selection. This diversity arises from variations in the sequence of four base pairs which as component of nucleic acids which constitute the genetic code.

Essay on, biodiversity in, hindi
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Diversity of species- Number of different species that are present in the universe(.7Million). Essay on Community Diversity, essay on the Gradients of Biodiversity. (i) Cleanliness drives adversely affect the natural scavengers like Cathartes californianusCalifornia. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up - It's Free. It is found in carnivorous mammals. During Indus valley civilisation species of wild cattle Bos primegenius nomadicus was vanished. Introduction to Biodiversity in India: Biodiversity encompasses all species of plants, animals, and microorganisms and the ecosystems and ecological processes of which they are parts. Therefore, mans manipulation of environment for his needs is the most prevalent factor affecting wildlife habitat and wildlife populations.

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