maya aztec inca essay

Americas, but not around the globe (Doc 1). The Mayans developed a hieroglyphic writing system.

Mayan, Inca, and Aztec Civilizations The Mayan, Inca, and Aztec civilizations each originated from Latin America.
The Mayans lived in southern and central Mexico.
The Inca and Aztecs Empires were both conquered by Spanish conquistadores.
The Maya Empire was abandoned.

Religion was an important part of everyday life, and a gory one, as they believed that human sacrifice was needed to keep the sun alive. Where did the ancient Maya live? Although the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu are very notable and shows great building design, the Roman columns and Egyptian pyramids greatly surpassed them (Doc 7). Tenochtitlan was built on an island It was connected to the mainland by causeways leading north, south, and west of the city. New diseases brought to the Americas by the Spanish weakened the Inca as well. Perform 7 Economy The Inca were farmers, growing potatoes as well as other crops, often in terraces cut into the high mountainsides. The Maya abandoned many of their cities around 900.D. (weets se lo poch tlee) The Aztecs built massive temples and pyramids dedicated to their gods.

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