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selected a set of emoticons most used in IM and defined both tactile and visual information to help emotional expression for each emoticon. We tested the tcons and tactile emotional interface system with 12 users test in their twenties (6 male and 6 female) and received a positive response. These devices included various output and input systems: vibrating motors, pin actuators, Heat coil, pressure sensors, buttons and LEDs.

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Tactile interface research paper
Ambient touch: Designing tactile interfaces for handheld devices

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In this paper, we describe a tactile interface designed to convey emotional content and focused on cancer lung paper research intuitive input and sensorial output methods to be applied in a public IM client. From the data gathered in this survey we developed a design concept for the physical interface. Robles,.: The Importance of the Sense of Touch in Virtual and Real Environments. MIT Press, Cambridge (1997) Google Scholar. Iwata H, Sugano. Picard,.W.: Affective Computing. First, after analysis of a variety of contact situations between humans and robots, tactile and force information needed are specified, and the specifications are decided based on knowledge of human engineering. Regarding how the tactile stimulus should be integrated into the environment, 50 felt a mouse (26 a glove (14 or a keyboard (10) based display would be appropriate and afford easy physical contact during. Chung,., Lee,.J., Selker,.: Lovers cup: drinking interfaces as new communication channels. ACM, Computer-Human Interaction,. Finally, evaluation experiments of locus tracking on the surface and force-following to humans were carried out.

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