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chapters thesis paper high risk pregnancy scoring system. Laura was only aware of her GBS, in her previous pregnancies, due to routine screening in Germany. Hours of aerobic exercise a week (March of Dimes, 2008).

But what risks do teenage to-be mothers face?
In fact, being a teenage mother is truly difficult, even compared to regular pregnancy.
Pregnant teens often get high blood pressure, or pregnancy-induced hypertension, as well as preeclampsia much more often.
A pregnancy is classed as high risk if there are any factors that may adversely affect the fetal or maternal outcome.

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If the Government should not give chances to these issues, teenage pregnancy will increase rapidly. In any high risk situation it is vital that maternal and fetal well being is monitored. For example, she may start her care as low risk but then something may happen or a condition may develop so she may therefore require consultant input into her care. There is 100 more responsibility in the teenagers life. Number Late onset (babies 7-90 days old) Incidence per 1000 live births Number 2003/.48 207.32 104.16.48 2006/.61 248.37 161.24.61 2007/.61 258.37 163.24.61 essay about raising a family outing 2008/.66 279.39 191.27.66 Table 1 Number and rate (per 1000 live. It is a process which has been developed, which wasnt done previously due to lack of knowledge and technology. A healthy diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, breads, grains, dairy products and protein sources. Carrying it is perfectly normal as it is one of many different bacterias that live within our bodies.

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