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equipment, and top of the line coachs. While, a public school the money is offered to them by the state easier then having donations like a private school. Visit schools and see what the schools and teachers are like. Public schools must admit all student around of their district, and there may be many types of students so, children can learn many ideas from their friends. Parents and students agree spending just one afternoon at the Expo saved them time and energy in their search and gave them the information they needed to make the right school choice. The paper also evaluates measures that can be taken to ensure that both the public schools and the private schools offer the same quality of education. For example the writers of this research article should have considered factors such as the selection process.

They argued that the use of this model would help to identify the strengths of both private and public schools considering that the factor of poverty should be held constant. Peterson, The nces Private-Public School Study, Winter 2007/Vol. Private schools are not subject to budget limitations imposed by the state (although they may in fact have more restrictive limitations). They include the performance, management of the school, the quality of the teaching process, class size and the facilities offered by the school. Also, the interviews will be conducted to students in school (both private and public teachers, Heads of various school departments and the parents too.

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Variables involved in this study include socioeconomic status, parental education, peer group characteristics and community support. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Public Schools vs Private Schools specifically for you. There are excellent public schools and there are excellent private schools. The writer of this article argue that private schools are more superior than public schools because the learners in private schools are more likely to successfully graduate from high school and get chances in colleges or universities. Our Kids Private School Expos If you're choosing between private school and public school, be sure to attend one of the Our Kids Private School Expos in the Fall. Public schools have seperat space for small children and big children;they can play soccer, basket ball,and another game also there. All parent want to provide good education to their children by choosing good school. Sending your child to a private school means enrollment is selective and demands are uniformly higher versus a public school where they will be exposed to a wider variety of people and abilities.