essay on environment and human life

tackling climate change is completely different from what they are doing about. A National Committee on Environmental Planning (ncep) has also been constituted. This should surely be something to think about while you're curled up on the sofa eating it in your pyjamas. Further proof of the growing international recognition of the importance of ecology has been provided by the adoption by the United Nations, in October, 1982, of a world Charter for nature, aimed at preserving all species existing on earth. Such factories are being welcomed by the poorer countries because of the employment they provide. By 2050, 70 of us are going to be living in cities.

Something like 14 billion burgers were consumed in the United States in 2012. A clean and healthy environment is part and parcel of the wealth and quality of life that we desire for ourselves now and for our children in the future. We need to consume less.

In short, we're consuming water, like food, at how to write a 5 paragraph thesis essay a rate that is completely unsustainable. Such things include chicken, beef, cotton, cars, chocolate and mobile phones. The fact is that they we are not being well informed. As a result, we are accelerating the rate at which we're changing our climate. Air, water and land are, after all, finite resources and can be largely used. Where does this leave us? Now the realisation has dawned on humanity that we have been destroying valuable resources and that there must indeed be a limit to our plans and ambitions for development, expansion and growth.

Man and environment are inter-related. The environment influences the life of human beings and also human beings modify their environment as a result of their growth, dispersal, activities, death and decay etc. Environment, essay 1 (100 words) An environment is the natural surroundings which help life to grow, nourish and destroy on this planet called earth. Environmental Pollution can have devastating effects on sea life, on crops and on human health. It affects all plant, human and animal life in a negative way.