nuclear disarmament essay

one of the states that have the most US concern of its embargo. It can be seen in some hot points in the world nowadays, such as the Middle East, whether Israel Palestine, or an Alliance (lead by the US) Iran, or Afghanistan. The fall of communism in the former Soviet Union was the end of Cold War between the US and Soviet Union. The increase in Chinas military budget for.5 in 2010 (about US 78 billion) 3, is a warning of China trying to take part in balancing weaponry capacity with other super power states. It is important to forbid the manufacture and purchase of nuclear weapon or the nuclear power states must reduce and eradicate the weapon. Print, reference this, published: Mon, the world nowadays is in danger of nuclear-conflicts. The nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine, a small suburb area not far from the border with Belarus, is another illustration of this case. Five states are recognized as nuclear weapon states (NWS there are the US, Russia, the UK, France and China, the other parties are known as non-nuclear weapon states (nnws).

Nuclear should be used only for the world harmony. India seriously had to start contemplating whether or not to attain nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless, there are five official nuclear states: the USA, the UK, France, Russia, and China.
One more argument in favor of nuclear disarmament is the environmental impact caused by nuclear weapons.
In fact, nuclear weapons cause a great damage to the environment, and the process of recovery is quite long-lasting.

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As the result, the first anti-nuclear protest movements emerged in Japan in 1954. The peace movements exploded with mass demonstrations in many countries, mainly Japan, the UK, and the. The threat comes from the power they possessed by too great. Although these nuclear power plants were never meant to produce uranium and show more content, robert Oppenheimer, and chemist Harold Urey are associated with the project headed.S. And ussr (currently Russia have been increasing their nuclear weapons arsenal. Conversely, the world development has shown the tendencies of conflict escalation and the common response to overcome the problem by hard power resolution. This disaster had lead to a big evacuation and resettlement of over 336.000 people (World Health Report, 2007). The impacts are too lethal. Army engineer Major General Leslie Groves.2. Not only can different types of aircraft deliver nuclear bombs, but rockets and guided missiles of many sizes can now carry nuclear warheads. People still wondering as the influence so great, can the race be stopped?

In recent years, many other countries, such as: India, Great Britain, France, China, Pakistan, and Israel have begun nuclear stockpiles. It cannot be achieved in any other way than through a full consensus between all world countries. The other effect on humanity from that event can also be seen until today. Basically there was little trust, for example, the Soviet Union considered that international inspection would merely be a cover espionage activities (Keesing 1972). Indias stronghold on their position about nuclear weapons and disarmament has been a major issue for the United States and Chinese governments for the past 50 years.