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a crowd gathers and theyre all amazed at what is lying. After a short while the cylinder starts to unscrew, this is when the crowd start to realise that there may be someone or something inside the cylinder, maybe it was men from mars thought the narrator. The aliens even had force fields around their vehicles that would block our weapons from penetrating. What more do you need to consider this movie hard science fiction. When the Martians are in London there are only a few of them against all of the population but only one of the Martians get injured, although two of them where destroyed by the Thunder Child. In The Fight Begins, Spielberg uses sound-effects to convey the development in Robbies relationship with Ray. When the narrator see the immense power of the Martians he says an ungovernable terror gripped. I think that War of the Worlds is most like hard science fiction because it is believable and the movie is based around aliens.

War of the Worlds functions as a warning to mankind. With the Martians not moving the humans thought that they wouldnt be very powerful, but little did they know about the Martians light rays. When faced with the danger of the approaching Martians, the citizens of London lost all respect, politeness and courteousness and.

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But little do they know that the visitor is more powerful than them. So do you believe in aliens? Tom Cruise portrays the irresponsible father in his quest to Boston, while aliens are killing everyone, everywhere. The book also highlights many of the fears of the people at the time when it was written. This causes disarray, with which many flee the scene. Is the hyper real environment for a sci-fi movie. This can be shown when the Martian fires the Heat Ray on the people around the pit. If Tom Cruise plays a part in a movie you can always guarantee there will be some far fetched and cheesy action plot as War of the Worlds proves. The civilisation of London is destroyed by the Martians black gas. As Earth changes into Mars and then changes to a red traffic light this connotes danger of that you should stop. Not only that, but Ray trusts Robbie which shows how the theme of family relationships develops. In a later scene, The Fight Begins, Spielberg uses sound effects and dialogue to show the trust and belief between Robbie and Ray.

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