essay on currency demonetization

less from RBI and lend less. H/ No need to do PHD over SDF / UDF from internet- like what will be its maturity period, how it affects the bond yields and exchange rates. For more details scroll down. So, RBI should reduce repo to boost vehicle loans. This scheme will be reviewed/ optimized.

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If such excessive liquidity not removed, then lending rates will fall, people will borrow for speculative investment in gold, real-estate and sharemarket, and worst of all, if lending rates fall then deposit rates will also fall (i.e. H/ Only word-association has to be done. So, not applicable in this scenario. No entity regulated by RBI shall deal with Virtual-currency / cryptocurrency. Private consumption is improving: in terms of number of air ticket sales, foreign tourist arrivals, sale of bikes tractors. It cant hike taxes to reduce juntaas shopping-spree. Repo rate reduce by 25 basis point. .

And every year, like some sort of magic clockwork, it does more and more for less and less, bringing the marginal costs of technology in the units that we individuals consume closer to zero. Final Decision wait watch.