argumentative essay human cloning

Religious standpoints, the growth of the population, and each humans individuality are just a few of the supporting reasons that stand against cloning and support why it should not be legalized. The fact that the lamb was cloned from these specialized cells - such as muscle cells, liver cells, or mammary cells - is what made this discovery of such importance. The definition of cloning is the creation of a living organism that has exact copy of genetic materials from the other (Learn Genetics). Before we knew it, the first clone was created and then destroyed.

People raised hell when animal parts were put into humans to save lives and today it is an accepted part of medicinal science. How original can you get when theres someone out there thinking, doing, and looking exactly like you. Imagine how life would become when millions of people start looking alike, acting alike, and thinking alike. For example, the first moving artificial hand was invented by Benjamin Palmer in the early 1900's, laid the base for the kickoff of the artificial limb program in 1945, which exploded within a few years. Having human clones in existence would be an insult to human kind and the distinctiveness of every human being. Many people believe that cloning is ethically immoral and should never be done, but others think that scientific advances can greatly cure diseases. tags: Human Cloning Research Paper.

What can we learn if we clone humans? Although some scientists and ethicists agree with human cloning, there are more evidence that human cloning yields negative results. Dolly came into being not only asexually but also as the genetically identical copy of mature ewe, of whom she is a clone.