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industrial companies. tags: Chemistry Gas Gasses Essays Science. These have been related to the chronic illnesses suffered by the residents some of which were enumerated in the beginning. Then, more than 120,000 people daily life effects from the gas. Remind, insist and stress upon the safety response protocols or safety procedures implemented should there by a negligence of the responsibility for safety by any entity of any party despite their rank. The vent gas scrubber designed to neutralize the gas was shut down as it was deemed unnecessary during periods when production was suspended. The cause of the Bhopal disaster was found to be the "Corporate Negligence". In the other hand, the safety systems in the plant were non-functioning, and the plant was not following the international standers for safety and quality. Or, the best quality and safe, which stand for long period, but expensive. The increase in the stock prices was explained as a result the man he killed poem essay of restructuring and recapitalization of the company before the sell-off.

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Furthermore, a safe and healthy working environment will increase the quality and quantity of productions. The conditions were that UCC:. Public hearings were also required as pre- requisite for project clearance. As such, it is proven that the responsibility for safety, risk assessment and ethical codes was an absent criterion in the ucil plant which were not established by efforts of the companys engineers as well. At all times, abide the rules and regulations set up by the management body of my company. On the 3rd of December 1984, a gas leakage incident happened in Bhopal, India. In the following, we will discuss about one of the huge accidents and one the most dangerous tragedies, The Bhopal Gas Tragedy. "we judge a man by how he honors his responsibility" Lord Robert Baden-Powell "Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with the important matters" Albert Einstein. Better Essays 1637 words (4.7 pages) - introduction: A curtain of gas rapidly dispersed over Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India without warning, causing hemorrhaging, muscular convulsion and blindness leaving its victims defecating and urinating in their clothes wishing for death. According to experts, the evidence suggests that the toxics have not only moved across various mediums, but tropic transfer of these chemicals, essentially through the food chain, causes these toxics to become part of the body burden. Therefore he ordered Union Carbide rutgers admissions essay help should consent to discovery of it in accordance with the federal rules of civil procedure after the cases were transferred to India.

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