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months of 2010; there were multiple suicide deaths as a result of cyber-bullying. . Unfortunately this line of thinking ignores the significant damage that can be done by bullying. Many children are the targets of bullying via the internet or mobile phones resulting in total confusion on the part of the target. Show little empathy toward victims, for boys that bully, theyre usually physically stronger than boys in general. Bullying includes actions such as making treats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

I believe that anyone who claims being bullied knows nearly nothing about how to protect themselves in the digital world, even when it comes to simple computer problems. Is there any way to identify the extinction of a fake profile? Because of this children and teens become familiar with the idea of violence and they think of it as the normal. We can therefore understand that the internet is dangerous and unknown to most people, capable of hurting them if they are not aware of the internet as a whole. Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. Bullying can also breed defiance to authority among the students and staff who might feel oppressed or downtrodden by the bullying leading to a breakdown in the authoritative structure in an institution. Furthermore, in Jefferson City of Missouri, state lawmakers gave final approval to a bill making cyber-bullying illegal in 2008. .

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In recent years many US states have started to impose laws specifically regarding cyber-bullying. 10 Cyber-bullying is on the rise and it affects almost anyone that possesses and uses a computer or a cell-phone but the idea of stopping or obstructing cyber-bullying seems to be very far. Adults mostly support the opinion that cyber-bullying, along with regular bullying, is responsible for many of the social, anxiety and depression problems kids live with since this situation mostly influences them. Establish anti-bullying policies, which are often required by state law. Just as there are risk factors that may lead to becoming a bully, there are.

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