increasing crime and violence essay

that Im always nervous if Im not familiar enough with the culture involved to know whether theyre being shoehorned into a mold thats more than other. Amish congregations are nominally democratic, but essay system development life cycle in practice Friedman calls them dictatorship-like because everyone votes the way the bishop wants. So did the Amish. A second objection is that the rich (or powerful) could commit crimes with impunity, since nobody would be able to enforce judgment against them. A lot of them worked on a principle like: If theres a crime, well call together a court made of all the town elders, plus at least three different religious leaders, plus the heads of the families of everybody involved, plus a representative of the. And theres another perspective where lots of countries have a King, because some guy seized so much power that he can live in a giant palace and order people around all day instead of doing work. But if the doctor only saw patients in their own community, and everyone in the community had mutual arbitration methods that worked better than the courts, maybe they could charge a fraction of the current price. If a member got convicted of a crime, everyone else would come together to help them pony up the money. Christians are trying to build the Benedict Option, an embedded society that works on Christian norms and rules.

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increasing crime and violence essay

Even when the system seems so near to breaking down, it is still assumed that every enemy killed must eventually be paid for. Plea bargains which are easier for prosecutors, easier for defendants, and easier for taxpayers seem like a good example of cultural evolution in action; once someone thought them up, there was no way they werent going to take over everything despite their very serious costs.

The exotic anarcho-capitalist part comes in as English civil society creates its own structures to work around these limitations. The police can physically drag you to jail, kicking and screaming. This makes it a rare remaining example of a polycentric legal system outside anarcho-capitalist fantasies. The marimé rules (and similar rules in other societies) provide a mechanism for isolating the members of the community. I gather a thousand people to kill Buffett and/or his hundred bodyguards, and Buffett and his bodyguards pool their money to hire a whole force of mercenaries to resist. Usually this was a fine paid to the victim; even murders were punished with wergeld. If someone killed, their family would give up the relevant number of camels, and then everyone would be on their way. You cant override existing laws youll still have to pay taxes, and you cant set up a bomb-making factory in your backyard. On the other hand, in my past work with criminals Ive been constantly surprised by how much role their families and their communities still play in their lives, and maybe a system that left legal enforcement up to them would do better than the overstretched. This is great, and its important to fight the temptation to think of foreign cultures as completely ridiculous idiots who do stuff for no reason. Theres a lot of concern about police brutality, police racism, police failure-to-actually-control crime, et cetera. There were no public prosecutors; anyone who felt like it could bring a criminal to court and start prosecuting him, but if nobody felt like it then the crime remained unpunished.

And since judges gain status by arbitrating, and since only judges who make widely-regarded-as-good decisions get invited to keep doing so, theres economic pressure for the judges to make good decisions (which then go down as precedent and inspire future cases). Some Norwegians decided they would rather live on a remote and frequently-exploding piece of rock on the edge of the world than be anyones subject: thus, medieval Iceland. Theres nothing stopping communities a broad term covering anything from villages to church congregations to cults to political organizations to online message boards from creating internal welfare systems to help their poorer members, taking a say in when their members marry or divorce, making home.

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