the culture of hip hop essay

quality. (Hip Hop Gangs) Hand in hand with the commercialisation of Hip Hop came far more negative and misogynistic attitudes to women (or bitches as they are widely referred to within Hip Hop). The urban America couldnt be looked the same as it is today if there wasnt hip-hop. While the vocalist(s) tell a story, the sic jockey provides the rhythm, operating the drum machine and scratching. As jazz had become more popular, a second generation of performers arose, a generation who has made the musical form even more popular. University of Chicago Press. For the professional who endeavors to work with young people in the Hip Hop world, the worst possible thing to do seems to be to enter the realm as a foreigner. Another popular DJ at this time was Love Bag Starski, and was known as the first to refer to this new found culture as Hip Hop. Their brand of activism, like that of Malcolm Xs two decades earlier, made a lot of people, including liberals, pretty uncomfortable, with their emphasis upon Black Nationalism and careless anti-Semitic, homophobic, and sexist references.

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the culture of hip hop essay

Rap was created out of the hip-hop culture in the early 70s primarily by a New York City DJ of Jamaican decent named Kool Herc. Love and most notably Beck devised a strange hybrid of rap, blues, and rock. However in the Bronx the listeners occupational therapy writing paper were still excited about the beats of the records and soon became obsessed with what was known as the break of the records, where the lyrics of a track would stop and all that could be heard were the. Acknowledging hip hops influential trait and effective impact on American youth Heather is forced to declare that Hip hop, and especially breaking, gained more widespread popularity in the 80s, thanks to films like Flash dance and the advent of MTV. What is it about the music that people find so troubling?

Conclusions Hip Hop came out of a life people were forced to live in of poor healthcare, no money and no hope. 2005: Representing: Hip Hop Culture and the Production of Black Cinema: Chicago.

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