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fairness, she said. So a good essay will prove that the writer belongs around the seminar table, mixing it up on social class or whatever the big issue of the day. There are people who might be 40 years old and wouldnt be able to articulate this view,. That almost aching self-awareness spoke to Jessica Marinaccio, dean of undergraduate admissions at Columbia.

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He tagged along to help quite often over the years, and the newspapers, magazines, books and photos in the house were a celebrity-endorsed path to prosperity that opened a window to new worlds. So when she finally did get a Mac during her senior year, it didnt quite sit right, either. Admissions officers aim to fill beds, but theyre also trying to craft a well-rounded class filled with individuals who will meet the facultys high standards. Marinaccio said of the Mac. Another student, Jonathan Ababiy, rose above the crowd in describing how far he has come already. She wrote about her laptop the Dell that she got free from the school as a full-ride scholarship student, and the Mac she didnt realize she wanted until she discovered that most of the full-paying students had one. It only underscores the tremendous promise of who she could become. But she hadnt arrived at Andover with nothing, as her parents had gone to college and provided plenty of cultural capital. The son of Moldovan refugees, he eloquently describes the intellectual artifacts in the professors house that his mother cleans. My hyperawareness of how my Dell hid my privilege and how my Mac hid my financial need pushed me to be aware of what complicated stories were hiding behind my classmates seemingly simple facades, she wrote. "On scene interpretation with description logics".