is google making us stupid response essay

and developed in an effective way. Carr could be correct, society may become more and more simple minded and leave extended thinking in the past with paper text. Carr then tries to explain this opinion by adding an allusion to Maryanne Wolfs Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain. Advertisement has adapted to these changes in the way that we think, and since it is profitable they encourage and foster them. Nicholas Carrs article, Is Google Making us Stupid? As Carr continues, he speaks of his extended use of the internet over the last decade, explaining that all information that he once painstakingly searched for is done in minutes with the use of search engines. I dont think its a good thing when any person or medium has a complete monopoly on human thought and life. Is Google Making Us Stupid Essay.Cody Miller Collins English 1105 Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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Google, making, us, stupid?, Nicholas Carr argues that the Internet is changing the way our mind works and has some negative effects on our lives. In "Is Google Making Us Supid? The effects of the Internet have become most evident for me in the way that I write papers. He states that one of the articles he got information from had said, "It is clear that users are not reading online in the traditional sense meaning that the way we read now is what we would call skimming. I believe technology is in fact hurting us in some categories, but ultimately I believe that it is ultimately helping us grow as people and improving society as a whole.