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that of a tunnel. In general, a pattern, or pattern language in the case of multiple integrated patterns, can be thought of as a recipe for implementing a desired set of interactions among objects. For example, a configuration file will be treated as a data element during the start-up phase, but won't be considered an architectural element during normal processing, since at that point the information it contained will have already been distributed throughout the system. Figures 5-1 through 5-8 depict this graphically in terms of how the applied constraints would differentiate the process view of an architecture as the incremental set of constraints is applied. This is particularly evident in the comparison of mobile code design paradigms 50, where the choice must be made between interacting with a component directly or transforming the component into a data element, transferring it across a network, and then transforming it back. 1.8.4 Architecture Description Languages (ADL) Most of the recent published work regarding software architectures is in the area of architecture description languages (ADL). Additional constraints can then be applied to form a new architectural style that better reflects the desired properties of a modern Web architecture. Various style-specific concrete notations may be used to represent these visually, facilitate the description of legal computations and interactions, and constrain the set of desirable systems.

We have seen architectural viewpoints that address a variety of issues, including: temporal issues, state and control approaches, data representation, transaction life cycle, security safeguards, and peak demand and graceful degradation. 5.2.2 Connectors rest uses various connector types, summarized in Table 5-2, to encapsulate the activities of accessing resources and transferring resource representations. Perhaps the best way to think about connectors is to contrast them with components.

Figure 5-2 described in, section.4.1. In other words, the ability to reuse a cached response results in a considerable improvement in application performance. Section.3 examines the properties that are of particular interest to network -based application architectures. Since referring to a named set of constraints as a style makes it easier to communicate the characteristics of common constraints, we use architectural styles as a method of abstraction, rather than as an indicator of personalized design. Perry and Wolf 105 define processing elements as "transformers of data while Shaw.

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