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up is, in many ways, the hardest to overcome. For a lot of people, the prospect of being single is scarier than being with the wrong person. In the beginning doesnt mean youre not allowed to break up with them over it later. A mistake many people with this mentality make is to assume that the best course is to stick around until they find a potential replacement a landing pad, as it were. The prospect of moving in together is rapidly approaching, and Im totally lost.

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Should I break things off? Thats going to sting and theres no getting around. But as the man said: thats just pride fucking with you. Our brains missouri compromise thesis are very good at throwing roadblocks in our way and making us talk ourselves out of doing what we know we need. This only serves to confirm your loser status that would prevent you from ever finding anyone else. One of the most perverse aspects of being human is how hard we fight against our own best interests.

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