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down costs and provide for superior service. One private prison has been accused of colluding with gang members to help manage inmates and save on staffing costs. Jail not only removes people of their freedom but also enters them into a world of depression and violence, leaving permanent marks on those who survive and disenfranchising the ones who are found guilty of felonies. Upon visiting Eastern State, the warden of New Yorks Auburn prison reflected that: There is no doubt that uninterrupted solitude tends to harden the heart, and induce men to cultivate a spirit of revenge, or drive them to despair A degree of mental anguish and. Eventually, the contracted prison keepers of London were limited in what they could do and charge. IN theory, privately RUN prisons are simply another municipal resource that for-profit management companies like the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group believe can be run cheaper and more efficiently than in the hands of government agencies: a free market alternative to the. Private vendors can purchase goods and services quicker.

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If fully enacted, it would have been a windfall to the immigration detention industry operated by private prison companies. Although temporarily solving issues of prisoner-on-prisoner and prisoner-on-staff violence, long-term solitary confinement is considered an incubator of psychosis. Others have actively avoided housing sick inmates, leaving the higher medical care costs that those patients might incur to the state and federal penitentiaries. Using health services, the authors show that local governments should prefer using private companies for work that minimize production costs which can be well-defined, but should not engage for-profit entities when contracting for intangible services, where monitoring is important. APA, mLA, chicago, private Prisons.