water pollution dhaka city essay

treat waste water before realizing it into the environment. This water is used in agricultural practices, and the produced crops for example the fruits and vegetables contain these poisonous substances in small quantities which can cause health problems like: Lead: affects the IQ level of kids. Salination of the coastal regions form rising seas, with salt seeping into ground waters, again it will add to governments costs and so people will have to pay more for drinking water than today.

Many water projects are going in Australia and people are enthusiastically helping to solve the problem of unsafe drinking water. It also affects pregnant women and maybe passed on to their children essay onwar of terror through blood and breast feeding. Sewage contains a high amount of pathogens and when it reacts with water causing oxygen to be removed. People there dont focus on harvesting the rainwater like in China or India. Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies (e.g.