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small-scale disinfection products for safe drinking water. Afghan children prepare to collect water from a water pump in Kabul March 22, 2010. Retrieved "Population Growth Rate". Retrieved "ACP-EU Water Facility".

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It is estimated that 15 of China's wastewater treatment facilities are not being used to capacity due to a limited pipe network to collect and transport wastewater. Geological Survey (December 2, 2016). The lack of water during the summer combined with drought has led to some studies saying that half of the current wells will soon dry. .

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2 Common Large Scale Water Treatment Technologies: Distillation - The processes of water distillation are solely defined by the similar processes of desalination units, thermal evaporation, and condensation. Quest Water Solutions, Inc. However most the time they dont receive their annual rainfall, so when there is rain, they open up canals and let their storage dams fill up with water. 8 According to unicef, in 2008 88 of the population had access and was using improved drinking water sources. 44 In that, distillation is rather notable for its high energy consumption rates and is increasingly being replaced by current membrane technologies, specifically reverse osmosis (RO) membranes as RO's are more energy efficient for water desalination (Manish Kumar, Tyler Culp, Yuexiao Shen, 2016). 41 ACP-EU Water Facility edit Established high fidelity essay thesis in 2004, the ACP-EU Water Facility received money from the European Development Fund to sponsor projects that improve water quality and sanitation and improve water management governance in African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries. Retrieved "Water Safety Plan Manual: Step-by-step risk management for drinking water suppliers" (PDF). Nonetheless, intervention measures such as awareness programs and painting tube-wells red if the water is above the government limit of 50 ppb arsenic (green otherwise) have seen success.